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Annual Conference   

37 entries
Materials from previous IACLEA annual conferences. Includes certificates of attendance, presentations and conference attendee lists.

Campus Law Enforcement Journal   

63 entries
Contains past issues of the IACLEA bi-monthly magazine

Campus Preparedness   

103 entries
Contains documents related to the following categories: Active Shooter, Bomb Threat Incident Management, Celebratory Events, Critical Incident Management, Emergency Notification and Operations Plans, Evacuation Plans and Procedures, Fire Safety, Major Event and First Amendment Protected Event Planning, Musicians/Speakers on Campus, Public Health/Pandemic Influenza, Terrorism/Violent Extremists and Threat Assessments.

Clery Act   

10 entries
Contains materials related to Clery Act/Campus Crime Reporting.

Community Oriented Policing/Crime Prevention   

35 entries
Contains documents related to Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Outreach, Crime Prevention, Community Oriented Policing and Hazing Violence Prevention.

Corporate Partner E-newsletters   

12 entries
Browse editions of the IACLEA Corporate Partner e-newsletters.

Federal & Non-Profit Partnerships   

9 entries
Contains documents from Federal Partners and the National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence

Gender-Based Violence/Title IX   

18 entries
Contains documents regarding gender-based violence and Title IX, including National Campus Law Enforcement Leadership Institute on Violence Against Women Reference Materials and Sexual Assault Response documents.

General Resources   

8 entries
IACLEA Connections User Guide, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and Code of Conduc

Human Resources   

1 entry
Human Resources/Staff Management