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How to Write a Research Paper

The research paper is the most complex assignment assigned to students. It requires good writing skills, planning, and essay writer. It is a piece of writing based on the writer’s original research on a specific topic. The research paper is similar to academic essays, but they are more detailed assignments. Make it original and contribute to the research.  

A research paper is based on in-depth research and analysis. Through the research paper, the teacher evaluates the student’s research skills. The research paper’s main purpose is to express your views that you found in the research process. This type of writing helps the student to learn something new. If the student wants the essay to be written by a custom essay writer, they must tell about the topic in detail to easily write the research paper. 

Some students feel anxious when writing the research paper, and they feel that it is a big chunk of writing. If you think about essay writing service, then you will need professional help and guidance. Make your research process easier and get help from your teacher and seniors.   

A good research paper requires that the writer think outside of the box and present something new. The following are some key features that define a research paper:

  • A research paper is based on extensive research.
  • A research paper is longer than other writing assignments.
  • It is based on facts and experiments.
  • Support your point with strong evidence.

Steps of Writing a Research Paper

Sometimes the students get stuck when they write the research paper for the first time. Here are a few steps that guide you on how to write a research paper.  

Get Familiar with the Assignment

It is very important to understand your teacher’s requirements on what type of paper they want. Many students did not follow the teacher guidelines and end up with a poor research paper and affect their grades.

Carefully understand the teacher’s guidelines and take time to know what you are being asked to write. Ask your teacher before picking the topic for your essay, and you will be sure that you are on the right track.    

Find the Right Topic

The students must write on the best topic that they like and know better. The choice of topic also plays a vital role in the research paper. It is always helpful when you write on an interesting topic. The topic that you are interested in and passionate about makes the writing phase easier. Use the guidelines given by your professor. This also helps to pick the right topic for the paper.


Different people use different methods for research. This step is pretty flexible. When you start the research process, you must understand three things:

  • Don’t ignore relevant information
  • Find reliable resources
  • Gather meaningful data

Identify key points and arguments that support your topic. Gather data from relevant sources but cannot make one website or book as a final source. Find keywords that make your search process easier and quicker. Find reliable resources and make sure that you have a clear idea in mind about your research topic.       

Organize your Research

Organize your research and make your research phase easier. The writer prints the list of resources or writes down all that you need for your paper on sticky notes or notecards to organize your research paper.

Develop a Thesis Statement

The thesis is the starting point of the paper. It is a statement of your main argument. The thesis statement should be clear and concise. It briefly summarizes the argument in one or two sentences. Revise the thesis statement when you do research. Each body paragraph should support the thesis statement and develop the central claim.    

Create a Research Paper Outline

The outline is like structuring your research paper. It is a list of the arguments, key topics, and evidence that you include in your research paper. An outline helps a lot in the writing phase, and you have to know what things should place in which section.

Create an outline that allows you to write your research paper in an organized way. The main purpose of the outline is the writer never forgets the key points of the paper.     

Write the First Draft

Never think of writing the first draft perfectly; you can polish it repeatedly. In the first draft, you do not need to write my essay and the introduction first. Start where you feel comfortable and write the tricky sections last. If you have an outline, you have to know what you write in the research paper. Do not delete the relevant information and large sections of the text.  

Write the Introduction

The introduction is the main part of the thesis statement. You have to write, what, why, and how about the topic in the introduction part. Be specific in this part and write the background information about the topic. Tell the reader what they expect from the rest of the paper and briefly present the key elements in chronological order.

Write Body Paragraphs

In body paragraphs, the writer sometimes confuses how to organize the information in the paragraphs. You can easily write the body paragraphs if you use a thesis statement and topic sentences. Make sure that the body paragraphs cover every detail. Use transition words and make a flow between paragraphs.      


The conclusion is the final part of your essay that summarizes your research paper. No need to add new ideas and information. The conclusion helps the reader to think about further research on their own.    

If you need help to write my essay for me, you will get essay help from professional writers. Numerous online writers are available but choosing from them is also a difficult task. Ask those who already have good experience in paper writing service online.

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