Chief David Rivero

Bronze Most Valuable Member


During his 26-year career with the Miami Police Department, he directed several of the Department’s most important responsibilities in supervisory and command positions in the Field Operations Division, Homicide, Media Relations, Internal Affairs, Training, the Criminal Investigations Division, and the Little Havana Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) and as the Commander of the Coral Way NET. Chief David Rivero has won numerous awards but the one he is most proud of is the personal commendation he received from FBI Director Louis Freeh for his involvement in “Operation Greenpalm” while with the Miami Police Department. The fourteen-month investigation, was initiated by then Lieutenant Rivero and targeted corrupt politicians and concluded with the successful arrest and prosecution of the City of Miami Budget Director, the City Manager, a City Commissioner, a County Commissioner, the Seaport Director and two lobbyist. The investigation involved more than two hundred consensual and covert video and audio recordings, two Title III wiretaps, several surreptitious search warrants and countless hours of video and photographic surveillance using some of the most highly sophisticated equipment in the FBI’s arsenal. During the fourteen months of the investigation, Rivero was detached to the FBI where he received their highest top-secret security clearance. In the year 2000, David Rivero was called upon to lead the Miami Police Department’s investigative efforts into several questionable police involved shootings. Through a joint investigation with the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office, 13 police officers were indicted for conspiracy to violate civil rights in a pattern of gun planting incidents that started back in 1996.