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Gender-Based Violence/Title IX

Contains documents regarding gender-based violence and Title IX, including National Campus Law Enforcement Leadership Institute on Violence Against Women Reference Materials and Sexual Assault Response documents

Collaborative Title IX/Clery Summit Meeting Results in White Paper on Promising Practices

Practitioners' Discussion of Implementing Clery/Title IX: A White Paper

Trauma Informed Sexual Assault Investigations

As part of IACLEA's expanded training program, IACLEA will provide Sexual Assault on Campus: A Trauma Informed Response training in January 2018, in three locations: Tempe, Arizona (at Arizona State University, January 9-10) (Instructors: Jim Markey and Josh Bronson) New Orleans, Louisiana (at Tulane University, January 11-12) (Instructors: Jim Markey and Josh Bronson) Washington, DC (at American University, January 18-19) (Instructors: Dave Thomas and Josh Bronson) The curriculum for the 1 ½ day training will address: - the science of trauma and how it impacts victims - how to obtain information from victims who may be experiencing the effects of trauma - investigative strategies, including discussing consent - understanding Title IX, including the future of Title IX, and how to work with campus entities on investigations and resolution

Valuable Trainings: Trauma Informed Response to Sexual Assault Investigations

Program Outline The expert facilitators will cover the following during the 1½ day training (partial list): Realities of Campus Sexual Assault , including drug-facilitated sexual assault (DFSA) Neurobiology of Trauma , including how trauma impacts victims Trauma-Informed Investigations , including questioning strategies for initial officer and investigators Investigative Strategies , evidence considerations, discussion of consent, and suspect interviewing techniques Title IX and Working Collaboratively , including how to work collaboratively with campus partners and partner with local law enforcement

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Policy Decisions

Resources, including articles and PowerPoint presentations, from those who have made the successful pitch to their administration for arming authority for their agency, This library includes other documents containing articles specifically dealing with arming or lack thereof. Also includes...

Sample Policies & Procedures

Contains documents related to sample policies and procedures

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Looking for emergency lights for our new Toyota Highlander Patrol Car

Robert B. (Barry) Titler Director of Public Safety Mount Saint Mary's University 16300 Old Emmitsburg Road Emmitsburg, MD 21727 301-447-5357

Webinar: Policy Development for Campus Public Safety

This one hour workshop will discuss the importance for campus public safety agencies to develop and maintain an effective system of written directives. The presentation will review the types of written directives, the process for creating them, effective writing styles, and methods to ensure...

New Report: Firearms on College Campuses: Research Evidence and Policy Implications

Read the October 15, 2016 report produced by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health