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  • Posted in: IACLEA-L

    Greetings, We are considering using E2Campus for reminder calls to students. Historically we’ve only used text messages for emergency notifications unless a student has elected to receive other types of messages like parking updates or student...

  • Posted in: IACLEA-L

    In addition to SRMC I wanted to throw out that I believe that Margolis Healy also do this type of consulting. We have not used them yet but I have heard from a lot of Chiefs that have that they have been very pleased. You might want to give them a...

  • Posted in: IACLEA-L

    We have used D. Stafford and Associates for a number of very in-depth assessments. Most recently they did a complete management assessment in preparation for our Department to transition from an unarmed security department to an armed police department....

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    Friday, August 12th at 1:00 pm ET.

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