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         I am proffesor at the University of Illinois. I teach literature and cultural studies. During my work I have published more than 50 articles, 32 monographs, and 25 scientific papers. Writing articles is my passion. I want to share my knowledge and give you some tips.

How to Write an Essay for College

       Most high school students do not know how to write an essay for college. The combination of intricate requirements and a strict deadline can be quite daunting. The first step in writing a report is to determine the article"s overall purpose. Understanding the purpose of the article is essential because the words you choose and the ways in which you present your information can vary according to the type of assignment that you are writing. For example, when writing a research essay, you might present all sides of an issue. When writing a persuasive essay, on the other hand, you might only present one viewpoint. If you have never written an essay before, you can turn to essay writing websites for help.

      The second step in essay writing is to decide for whom you are writing the document. Knowing your audience is a critical component of writing an article. If you choose to write an essay about a specialized topic within a certain field, for example, you might be able to make the assumption that the reader already has a basic knowledge of the subject. On the other hand, you could be writing the report for a novice audience. In this latter case, you will need to explain the information more thoroughly.

      Regardless of the report type or for whom you are writing, your essay will need to include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The length of the body may vary according to the required length of the overall article. The introduction and conclusion, on the other hand, should generally be limited to a single paragraph each.

       When writing the introduction of an academic article, you should start off an "attention-grabber." This first sentence or two might be a question, a startling fact, or a brief story that is related to the topic. Oxfordjournals will help you with this. You should also introduce your thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. Formulating a strong thesis statement is important because the thesis sentence communicates the focus and ultimate goal.

           After writing the introductory paragraph to your essay, you will need to write the body. In general, the body should consist of at least three paragraphs. Depending upon the required length of the report, however, the number of paragraphs in the body may vary.

           Each of the paragraphs within the body of your report should contain a topic sentence, which explains what that particular paragraph is about. This topic sentence, as well as the other sentences in the paragraph, should support your thesis by providing more details, facts, and evidence.

     Finally, you will need to write the conclusion of your article. The conclusion should restate the thesis that you wrote in the introduction, though you should definitely re-word the thesis in order to avoid clumsy repetition. In addition, you should summarize what you wrote in the body of the document, while also wrapping up the report in a way that leaves the reader with a lasting impression


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